Speed Humps

Heavy Duty Rubber Mid Section Speed Hump- 70


CP King’s Heavy Duty Speed Hump-70 are available in convenient 500mm long sections of Black & Yellow. The sections can be installed together with the end caps to form custom length of speed hump to suit your needs. Included in the Speed Hump design is cable protector arc  (suitable for 60 x 30 mm sized cables). This offers protection to your hose and cable lines from heavy equipment and vehicles.

Key features:

-Heavy Duty Rubber Construction:  Won’t chip or rot

-Flexible: allowing speed hump to contour to most road surfaces

-Durability: Resistant to moisture oil & extreme temperature variations

-Easy To Install

-Load Rating of 30 Tonne

-Compliant to Australia Standard 2890.1:2004

-Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor use

-Protects your Cables & Hose


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Black & Yellow

Product Dimension

500mm W x 410mm D x 70mm H

Material Finish

Recycled Rubber


Australian Standard 2890.1:2004